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Building Sand

Product Price: R155.25/m³

Our building sand is produced from material mined at our quarry. This ensures that only the highest quality sand is used to supply our clients.

Our building sand is produced from a combination of natural sands and crushed rock. This provides a high strength product which is excellent for mortar mix when laying bricks.

Our building sand is screened out to a 5mm particle size and smaller which provides for a smooth and consistent mortar when laying bricks.

By using material sourced at our mine we ensure that there is no foreign matter such as reprocessed builders waste and organics in the building sand.

Our building sand is suitable for both small scale and high spec construction projects.

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How Building Sand is made:

Building sand is produced from decomposed granite rock that is easily dug out with an excavator. The layer of material mined ranges from 0-8m deep below the surface, which provides for the high strength in our product. Once extracted the material is processed using crushing and screening equipment which produces the <5mm building sand.

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